Forum Introduction
Iranian society of smart grid  in 2011 with the permission of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology by some university professors and engineers and has been established in order to achieve the following objectives:
- Participation in the country's scientific and technological development in the field of intelligent energy networks and the creation of a scientific authority
- Establishing a link between industry and academia and helping create new businesses in the intelligent energy network
- Creating an extensive information network to create synergies in the field of intelligent energy networks and the development of national interactions
- directing student projects to meet industry needs
- Joint projects with industry and universities
- Report of scientific activities of the day to interested people in the form of seminars and workshops
- Quantitative and qualitative development of related education in universities and higher education centers and training centers
- Helping to enhance the country's industry power in the field of smart grid
- Participation in large-scale decision making in the field of smart grid