Call for Selecting a Top Thesis - Iranian Intelligent Energy Network Scientific Association

For this matter, applicants must complete the attached and points form by the supervisory professors, along with sending thesis principle and the relevant documents and annexes by the supervisors and sending the related files via email to the address, up to 15/9/1400.
The final selection of theses and dissertations will be done by the Scientific Committee in the undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral courses and awards will be awarded at the 1400 Intelligent Networks Conference on 18/9/1400.

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guideline - Theses Introduction Form

Iranian Intelligent Energy Network Scientific Association
Education and Research Committee, Publications and Conferences Committee

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The Smart Grids Conference will be held on December 2019 at Sharif University of Technology. For more information to view website .

First International Smart City Conference / November 2, 2019- Shiraz City.


The 5th Conference on Signal Processing and Smart Systems of Iran / 27-28 Nov. 2019- Shahrood University of Technology.